Real Estate Investment Platform RealT Launches Globally


The platform aims to provide global investors with the opportunity to invest in US real estate

Miami, FL, 5 August 2019 RealT, a platform simplifying access to US real estate investments, today announced its official global launch. The web-based platform allows investors from anywhere in the world to purchase fractional ownership of US properties without the hassle traditionally associated with real estate investments.

“Up until now, investing in real estate has been a laborious and expensive process. Entry costs are high, the required documentation is complex and the assets are illiquid. The industry is ready for change. That’s why we are convinced that now is the time to make it easier for people to invest in US real estate. We want to create a global marketplace of available properties that offers promising opportunities for anyone, anywhere,” said Rémy Jacobson, CEO of RealT.

With RealT, investors, regardless of their location, can now become landlords of and earn passive income from low-cost, income-yielding properties in Detroit, one of the fastest-growing major cities in the US. In the future, RealT plans to include properties from across the United States and the world, providing investors with even more investment opportunities.

“Fractional ownership solves a major problem faced by investors looking to enter the US real estate market. Investors used to have to buy the entire property, a possibility that was only available to a small number of people. Fractional ownership opens the door for everyone. Investors can buy as much of a property as they desire, while still reaping the benefits of ownership,” said Gary Krat,  Principal of RealT.

RealT’s fully compliant platform leverages blockchain technology for property ownership and rental income distribution. Investors are provided with RealTokens that represent ownership in each property, while rental income is paid daily using USD stablecoins – all recorded on the blockchain, an immutable public ledger.

Real estate cannot be directly tokenized in the United States, so each of the properties featured on RealT is officially owned by a Series of a Delaware series limited liability corporation (LLC). RealT issues a specific number of tokens for each Series, which are then made available for purchase by investors.

Each property has a dedicated property management team that is in charge of the property on behalf of the owners. Collecting rent, sourcing tenants and managing repairs are all taken care of so that investors can focus on their daily lives, unencumbered by the hassle of owning a rental property. 

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About RealT:

RealT is an innovative web-based platform that simplifies access to real estate investments in the United States. Investors from around the globe can purchase fractional ownership of US properties without the hassle traditionally associated with real estate investment. In the process, investors can enjoy passive rental income. RealT’s fully compliant, trusted and user-friendly platform issues property ownership interests in the form of tokens called  RealTokens. RealTokens are ERC-20 compatible digital, cryptographic tokens modified to comply with applicable US securities laws, enable fractional ownership in each property and are used to determine the rental income share of each investor. Rental income is distributed based on the investor’s percentage ownership. Investors are also given the opportunity to vote on property decisions such as maintenance, leasing and liquidation. The company currently offers properties in Detroit, Michigan and is looking to expand across the US and the world.

RealTokens, which are securities for purposes of US securities laws, are currently being offered and sold only in offshore transactions to investors other than “US persons” (as defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act of 1933) in reliance upon Regulation S under the Securities Act.  In the future, RealTokens will be made available to US investors as well.

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Media Contact:
Tien Ma
Director // REDHILL

Company Contact:
David Hoffman
COO // RealT