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Managing your finances while flipping a property

A vital skill for any property developer is money management. If this is your first time renovating a property, its vital you manage your finances closely as you need to fully realise the costs involved and how quickly your money can be spent. All too often the budget can out of control on your first project. For this reason you need to take control of the finances from the outset.

Start by setting a realistic budget for each step of the project. If you have spent, more money in an area than you originally planned in your budget. Review your initial budget and either add more money into the budget or low costs for other areas to claw back


Fast house sale: a way to be mortgage free

Looking at the current state of the economy, there's no wonder that a fast house sale has become difficult. There are number of different circumstances that arise and because of this a homeowner needs a fast house sale. Having bad debts, unpaid mortgage payments, facing bankruptcy can be a stressful time in anybody's life. For those owning their own homes, it is often said that selling it off is the best solution for resolving their monetary problems.

Repossession is something that one doesn't wish to have on their credit history. There's nothing worse than having a poor credit history. Having mortgage payment unpaid is the toughest situation to deal with and most of the times to save your credit score and to start fresh; selling your home seems to be the best option. [...]

Sell Property Quick Costly Mistakes to Avoid

The following are costly mistakes which sellers should avoid if they hope to sell property quickly.

Listing the home before it is ready

Many times, this happens when the seller becomes impatient and wants to sell property quick before completing the pre-sales work. So the home gets listed with an untidy lawn and an incomplete paint job. Presentation is very crucial. It is therefore important to make sure the work is done before placing the property on the market. [...]


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